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Policy. Communications. Business Development.


Born in the the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, I have lived in Minnesota, England, San Francisco and Boston. I now live in New York City.

I have a degrees in economics and theatre arts. I am a passionate storyteller with an understanding that the underlying data is what gives a meaningful story credibility. I build relationships by focusing on individual connections to the story.

I believe that humanity's greatest skill is our ability to innovate and our greatest challenge is our collective  fear of innovation.  Bridging the gap between fear and inspiration is where I excel. I help people, governments, and institutions embrace innovation and implement safe, sound strategies to maximize gains.

When not telling stories for others, I create my own during long trail runs.

Have a look around to learn more, and let's connect.


My Career

Senior Director, Policy 
Brookfield Renewable, US


Vice President, Department Head
Government Relations


Director, Government Relations

Vice President and Chief of Staf
Policy and Electricity Markets

Campaigns Director
Vote Solar

Communications Manager
Network for New Energy Choices

Notebook & Pad

Strategic Planning

Forecasting that Evolves

I spend my free time running long distances, and each of these events have a beginning, an end, and a whole lot that happens in between. To get to the finish line, you need to have a plan, and when something outside of that plan inevitably occurs -- like rain or a twisted ankle -- you need to be ready to adjust. I bring this same discipline to my strategic roadmapping for organizations. I create a plan and am ready to adjust when changes are necessary, because we don't abandon the race; we keep pushing toward our goals.

I enjoy kayaking. Pretty neat to discover new things you enjoy four decades in. I've heard tell that

Public Speaking

Dynamic and Engaging Conversation

What makes a speech good is connection between the audience and the speaker.  An over reliance on prepared material that only considers the speakers point of view results in a lack of connection from the audience.  What brought the audience to that room?  What are they hoping to take away?  And what new element can we bring that helps them feel like they gained something in the short time we had?  Those are the questions I ask before any public speech.  Plus, a touch of humor never hurts.

Slowest, funnest race of my life 🏁 _kahtoola with the major assist here.jpg

Team Management

Cultivating Culture

Great teams don't just come together, they are cultivated, nourished, and given room to grow.  When putting together a team, I don't just look to see if a particular individual will "fit in" with the culture. I identify where the team’s weaknesses are and how that person can be an active and influential force to help get the team to where we need to be.


University of Essex, Colchester, England

Post Graduate Diploma, Economics


Course studies in applied economics and data analysis, with a focus in behavioral economics.

Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York

BA, Economics


Degree in economics and minor in theatre arts; varsity swim team captain, resident advisor, campus tour guide, and award-winning theatre director and actor.

MIT Sloan School of Management: Implications for Business Strategy, Artificial Intelligence


Program  on the organizational and managerial implications of artificial intelligence for business strategy, as well as the economic and societal issues they raise.

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