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40 days of running

I took on a challenge recently to run everyday from Thanksgiving through to New Year's Day. Forty straight days of running, of at least a mile each. It was a different type of running challenge than I am used to. Usually I sign up for dumb sounding races -- 100 miles, 50 miles with 11,000 feet of climbing, attempt to run a marathon as fast as one can, cross the Grand Canyon and return in a single day. This was just about keeping it consistent. Run everyday. No matter how fast, no matter how long (but at least a mile).

Being required to simply run everyday with no expectations gave me time to think, relax, and just get into the pure spirit of running. I'm now set up to take on a new year full of new challenges. In an odd way, even though I ran every day, it was a relaxing time to recharge, and reconnect to why I love running so very much.

Have a look at some of the runs here:

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