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New Year, New Goals

As far as new year's resolutions I only have the one. After 35+ years I will finally eat a McDonald's Filet O'Fish. I rarely eat at McDonald's, but when I do, I usually go for something that seems like it is going to, you know, taste good. However, a friend swears by them, and I promised last year that this would be my New Year's resolution. So there you have it.

As far as goals go, I do have quite a few. Here are the running ones.

1. Complete a second Rim to Rim to Rim crossing of the Grand Canyon.

a. Get everyone in my party there and back alive.

b. Get it done in under 12 hours.

Four years ago I did this with some other friends, and we were able to do it in about 15 hours. We were more tourists on that adventure. We took a lot of photos, and we spent far too much time resting at the north rim and at Phantom Ranch in the bottom of the canyon.

Oh, and none of us had any idea what we were doing.

2. Complete a 100 mile foot race.

a. Cross the line with a smile on my face.

b. Get it done in under 24 hours

Again, four years ago I made my first attempt at the distance. I called it quits after 77 miles. Sleep called. I am called again to give it a shot.

3. Run 2018 total miles this year

After a year in which I pulled back in a number of respects -- from my career, from social engagements, and big, aggressive races -- it feels good to be setting aggressive goals again. A week in and things are moving slowly. I've lost a step, my knees are older. But I've also got a lot more humility and patience (I said more. Before you start with the "I'm the humblest person I know" jokes), which another great friend taught me, is half the battle.

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