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My Cloud and Me

Friends -

I am asking you to do two simple things for me today. One, if you have the capacity, check out my friends at Drug Policy Alliance. Throw a few coins in the fountain.

The second, is to do something that brings you complete joy, and do it for absolutely no other reason than it does so.

I have been caught in a weather pattern (looks at watch, whistles, yeah I guess that’s right) my entire life. No matter how I try to avoid it, this little cloud trails me, and grows, until the inclement weather finally makes me come to a complete stop. I have grown to accept that this cloud will be hanging around for sometime. Probably for all time. Ready to rain, even when the forecast does not call for it.

After 41 years of practice I am proud to say I love that cloud. I love that cloud and when the moment allows I give it my best shot to love and admire the flowers she brings, the potable water that sustains life, the mud she creates. And most importantly, the calming presence of rain that cools me when I overheat, as I tend to do. I’ve learned to control that cloud as much as she controls me. She’s an alright cloud. We’ve learned to get along in these 41 years of life.

Which is good, because for now at least, it’s just me and the cloud.

So if you’ve got your own cloud. Wave "hi", blow a kiss. Ask her if you can have just five minutes. Maybe ten. And do that joy. If you need permission, you’re not doing it for you, you’re doing it for me and Diana Ross. It’s our birthday.

But maybe tomorrow, do it for you.

All the love in the world -

The Chappie

P.S. - Here's 3:45 of joy for you if you're feeling stuck.